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Entanglement & the Dance of Life

“When people are engaged in a deep conversation, they begin to fall into a dance. They synchronize their movements, their postures, their vocal pitches, their speaking rates, even the length of pauses between respirations. What they discovered is that even their physiology can be linked and entrained.” (The Energetic Heart, J.J. McCraty). People are intricately […]

Productive Pain vs Unproductive Pain

LESSONS OF THE CACTUS FLOWER The Cactus is native to hot, dry climates of America. Mostly known for its ability to conserve water in the extreme conditions, it is also adaptable enough to survive in winter conditions as well. In the language of flowers, the cactus flower pictured symbolizes warmth, protection and endurance. Because it […]

Working Together

PREVENTION Prevention has been the philosophy of healthcare practitioners for thousands of years yet often health practitioners see people only after they become sick. DIFFERENT MODALITIES, SAME CLIENT BodyTalk works seamlessly with other practitioners. In fact, “Other Modalities” is built into the BodyTalk chart for that reason. In one case, a woman came in complaining […]

Enhance Your Yoga Practice with Reciprocals

WHAT ARE RECIPROCALS? “The integrity of the structure of the body is critical for living a healthy and mobile life. The coordination of the muscles, balance of the muscle tone and the unrestricted flow of energy through the body are all critical to healthy functioning at all levels of the bodymind complex. The Reciprocals technique […]

A World of Possibilities

CAN YOU IMAGINE? My grandmother was a farmer, an elementary school teacher, and later in life a licensed practical nurse. She decided to go to college at age 46 to become a teacher. Then again in her 60’s to become an LPN. Throughout my life, she had many things to say, but these stand out. […]


Dream Big

CAN YOU IMAGINE? A BodyTalk practitioner / medical doctor / yoga instructor was teaching yoga classes at my first BodyTalk conference. If a student was challenged by pain or lack of flexibility, he would modify the pose so they could practice without risk of injury. He asked his students to stretch only as far as […]


Nurturing and Provision

CHILDREN AS TEACHERS I saw a dad with his 2-year old daughter sitting outside. He had just gotten off work and was tired. She ran over to him and threw her arms around him and kissed him. Then she said, “There. Now all “yooz” bad feelings go away.” No picture could more aptly describe his […]


Children as Teachers

Children have great wisdom if we are only willing to listen. They teach us to speak our minds and our truth. Granted, there are nice ways to say things and not so nice ways to say them, but truth is truth and it leads to authenticity. Truth is one of the opposites to fear as […]


Power of the Thought Life

SUBCONSCIOUS MIND The subconscious mind only understands the word “yes.” It does not understand the word “no.” Words such as “not”, “no” or “never” don’t compute. The reason is because we usually project the very image of what we DON’T want rather than what we DO want. Somewhere along the way, the subconscous mind says, […]


Health and Home

How healthy is your home? If you are lucky, your home is a sanctuary and every room leaves you feeling peaceful and secure. Not everyone is so lucky. Are there areas in your home that always seem to attract arguments or areas that leave you feeling uneasy? Are there areas that no matter how much […]