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Remodeling DNA

DNA and Your Health If you could remodel your DNA, what would it look like? What if you could change your genes? Did you know that you are already doing that? According to Bruce Lipton, author of Biology of Belief, DNA extracted from a single cell can be stretched six feet. Two inches of the […]

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Immune System Health

Bombarded by Opportunistic Invaders? It’s no surprise that if the immune system of the body operates less than optimally, then it cannot fight opportunistic invaders such as bacteria, viruses, mold, fungus, allergies, toxins and intolerances. However, according to the BodyTalk Fundamentals textbook, “the body is first weakened by thoughts, belief systems, or emotions that then […]

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Have you ever experienced . . .

Memory lapses, irritability, confusion (especially left/right confusion), poor reading comprehension, self-destructive behaviors? These and many other signs can indicate that the body is in a state of overwhelm in what we call “sympathetic overload.” This means that the nervous system is in a chronic state of fight or flight. When faced with an extremely stressful […]


What Do You Do In A Session?

What exactly do you do? What is BodyTalk? Those are the questions I hear the most. Be a great day when the question isn’t “What is BodyTalk?” Instead, the question is “Who is your practitioner?” One BodyTalk instructor said she is looking forward to the day when a 911 operator asks, “Have you tapped Cortices?” […]



Every so often, a friend of mine reminds me, “We want two things in life: to be loved and to be out of pain.” While we really want to be loved, we are not so willing to acknowledge our own value. So many times, we feel that others are more important than we are or […]


Begin Again

We are moving into the winter season. Winter can be described as a wonderland or it can be described as bleak and dreary. Winter is also the time for pulling inward and growing from within. It is a time for germination and new life. It is a time to begin again but with renewed focus […]

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Experience Tranquility with BodyTalk

How many of us wish desperately for better health? Yet, better health means change — change from our current state of health to a new dynamic. And while we want to experience a new state of health, we are afraid of the change. Someone recently told me that all change brings grief. However, the root […]


BodyTalk for Natural Healing

By Robert Dean Inspired by an ancient technique that turned around his own health crisis, Australian acupuncture and natural health professional, John Veltheim, developed an integrative system called “BodyTalk.” Utilizing his extensive and varied knowledge of alternative and traditional healing modalities, he began using BodyTalk in his own practice and found that almost every condition […]