Do you or someone you know have a need to use coping methods to deal with ADD/ADHD symptoms?  I did.  I made never-ending lists because no matter how hard I tried, I was always forgetting something.  Even though people told me that I was smart, there were some subjects that just wouldn’t penetrate into my brain.  Learning was sometimes very easy—IF it was a subject that I was enthralled with.  Other times, learning was very slow and tedious.  Because I was afraid that whatever assignment/project I was working on might not meet with approval, I was forever procrastinating.


According to the Davis Dyslexia Association International, “Dyslexic people are highly creative, intuitive, and excel at three-dimensional problem solving and hands-on learning. Our visual and holistic learning style means that we learn best through the creative process.”  Through family tragedy, I felt the need to work with dyslexic students even though, at the time, I did not realize my own dyslexic tendencies.  I trained in dyslexia intervention methods through the Davis system as well as through the National Institute of Learning Disabilities (NILD).  It was during those trainings that I realized how much I used coping methods to deal with my own dyslexia.  However, it wasn’t until I trained to become a BodyTalk practitioner that my symptoms began to resolve.


BodyTalk has many techniques that can be utilized to help with learning, memory and test-taking in addition to helping someone adjust to new school and classroom environments.  In my own studies and preparing for practitioner exams, I used BodyTalk techniques and BodyTalk sessions to help me study and to help me retain and retrieve the information during the test.  The BodyTalk Center has several case studies in helping students of all ages do better in school.


BodyTalk has changed my life and my definition of health.  If you or someone you know is having difficulties with learning and memory, I invite you to call the BodyTalk Center today to schedule an appointment.


Kathi Springman


Click here for a downloadable version of this article as it was printed in Natural Awakenings OKC August 2012.




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