We are moving into the winter season. Winter can be described as a wonderland or it can be described as bleak and dreary. Winter is also the time for pulling inward and growing from within. It is a time for germination and new life. It is a time to begin again but with renewed focus and resiliency. For trees, it is a time when roots grow deeper so that when spring comes, the roots can support the new branches and leaves that we see on the outside. How will you choose to view this winter?  Will you see it as the opportunity to grow within so you can reach new heights this spring? Or will you see it as bleak and dreary making this spring just a repeat of the past?


The cardinal with its bright color offers cheeriness in the starkness of winter. It shows us a glimpse of spring even when we are in the midst of even the harshest of winters. I have grown and learned so many wonderful things during my seasons with BodyTalk over the last five to six years. One of the most important lessons for me to share is to say that sometimes we can have limiting belief systems that can hold all the stuck-ness in place and keeps us repeating the same things or experiencing the same illnesses or even allergies over and over again.


Bruce Lipton, Ph.D., author of Biology of Belief and other scientists are discovering that our belief systems can actually have dramatic impacts on our DNA and our health. One of my favorite BodyTalk techniques called Active Memory Belief Systems helps uncover and resolve our limiting belief systems so we can heal and restore and regenerate.


BodyTalk has changed my life and what I believe is possible for health and healing.


Kathi Springman


Click here for a downloadable version of this article as it was printed in Natural Awakenings OKC January 2013.

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