There’s not much difference between the way our body feels between an allergy and intolerance, but there is a difference in the reaction time. For example: with an allergy to strawberries, you might have an immediate reaction whereas with an intolerance, you could be exposed to something for days or weeks or even months – then all of a sudden you have a reaction to it. At the time of the reaction, you might say, “Well, it can’t be the strawberries! I eat those every day.” Yet the doctor says that the allergy test is positive for a reaction to strawberries.

In BodyTalk sessions, we see that there are a number of things that can cause an allergic reaction to something in our environment, whether it’s to pollens (things we inhale), food (things we ingest), or anything else. Very often, memories and emotional factors can make a big difference in how someone reacts to a substance. For example, a child who is playing while eating a carrot and then they go rolling down a hill because they tripped or because others in the play group think it would be such fun to roll down a hill. Later, maybe even years late, that same child begins to experience an allergy to carrots because the brain recalls all of the components of a potentially dangerous situation. A potential conclusion then is that the carrots are now considered a dangerous substance to be avoided and begins to react to carrots when they are ingested. These are typically not conscious thoughts, but the brain & subconscious mind making an attempt to keep the body safe.

There are several different BodyTalk techniques that help to restore balance in the body and allow the body to realize that “carrots can be a good thing.” BodyTalk practitioners work in harmony with the medical community especially if the allergies are very severe so that it is possible to reduce the severity of the reactions. Some find that their allergies disappear in as few as six or eight sessions.

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