A little over five years ago I would have said I was in excellent health. However, because I worked as an executive for 60–80 hours a week and my stress levels were so high, my health was on a one-way track going in the wrong direction. I had numerous allergies, I couldn’t sleep, I had arthritis, and the list goes on. Somehow, I justified that because lots of people had these issues that I was “healthy”.

Since I have been in BodyTalk, my definition of health has completely changed! My first session was all about general balancing. I was completely sold on the system because I actually started sleeping very well. I left the session feeling quite calm and relaxed and afterward, the way that I reacted to things began to change. The amazing part of this is that almost everything that came up in my first session is available in a one-day class that I have been teaching for nearly two years: BodyTalk Access.

We all have an innate inborn ability to heal. What keeps us from healing is often due to the amount of stress that we are under and the way we react to it. In fact, we all walk around in a mild state of shock most of the time. The first technique we learn in Access balances the brain and calms down any overwhelm. By getting the brain to communicate more fully with itself and with the rest of the body, it then becomes easier for the body to recognize where to send resources and to aid in restoring health. The next technique further calms overwhelm, like hitting a big reset button.

It is important to help the body utilize water so it can hydrate properly and to allow the body to recognize microbes, allergies, toxins and intolerances. Practicing the Access routine daily is great for helping get over colds and flu! Fast Aid helps the body heal quickly after any injuries!

BodyTalk sessions and BodyTalk Access have changed the way I define my own health. It can change the way you define yours.


Kathi Springman

Click here for BodyTalk Access Class Schedule.

Click here for a downloadable pdf of this article as it was printed in Natural Awakenings OKC October 2012.

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