How many of us wish desperately for better health? Yet, better health means change — change from our current state of health to a new dynamic. And while we want to experience a new state of health, we are afraid of the change.

Someone recently told me that all change brings grief. However, the root form of grief is really “dispersion” or a movement from one thing to another. In Chinese tradition, grief is part of the metal element, which is associated with the fall season when leaves fall from the trees. This is the Letting-Go-Process. It is after we let go that we experience new growth or new life. In the case of the trees, new leaves grow back on the very same branches that let go of the old leaves. While all this may be very easy for trees, it can be scary or even frightening for some of us.

Sometimes it is easier store emotions, for example, to hold on to our grief or anger than to let it go. Not letting go of anger can turn into resentments and unforgiveness or even rage. The inability to let go turns into grief, which left unresolved turns into disintegration or the feeling that things are falling apart all around us. It is now common knowledge that we can store excess emotion in our bodies in the form of neuropeptides. This is a chemical reaction to the emotional feeling and has very real physiological affects in the body.

With the holidays quickly approaching, many people find themselves revisiting memories and emotional upheaval. BodyTalk has techniques to help resolve memories and trauma as well as excess stored emotions. BodyTalk techniques address the unique needs of the whole health of the person: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual.

BodyTalk has made a difference in many peoples lives. It can make a difference in yours.


Kathi Springman


Click here for a downloadable version of this article as it was printed in Natural Awakenings OKC November 2012.

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