I often ask clients when they first became sick. In answer, they tell me when they first experienced symptoms. Always looking for the underlying root of the issue (looking below the surface), I probe some more. What was going on in your life before you noticed the symptoms? What led to your current state of health? What circumstances did life bring along that caused you to manifest your particular set of symptoms?


We are multi-dimensional beings (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual). If anything happens to one aspect or dimension of us, then it affects all aspects of us. Isn’t it time to address the deeper aspects of health by keeping the energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions in mind?


“The principles BodyTalk are based on are proven scientific facts and leading edge discoveries. It is a new way of addressing our well-being in the future. BodyTalk opens an unlimited collection of energetic possibilities for us to heal on many levels.” Dr. Amit Goswami Ph.D., Quantum Physicist, Professor Emeritus Oregon University and featured in the movie “What the Bleep do We Know?”


BodyTalk provides a way “to communicate with the electronic circuits to turn on the right switches to harness the body’s ability to heal spontaneously. Energetic approaches work quickly and with few side-effects. This is the medicine of the future.”  Dr. James Oschman Ph.D., Biophysicist, and author of “Energy Medicine”, advisor to The BodyTalk System


Kathi Springman

Click here for a downloadable version of this article as it was printed in Natural Awakenings OKC January 2015.


The views expressed are educational in nature and reflect the personal and/or clinical experiences of the author.

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