Dehydration affects the bodymind complex especially in relation to inflammatory responses, chronic conditions such as arthritic and degenerative disorders, chronic pain, emotional imbalance, respiratory disorders and more. Water is a conveyer of electricity so without hydration the body cannot send messages through the nervous system which affects the ability to think clearly.

Hydration is associated with joy in life. Hence, dehydration indicates a lack of joy in life. If you drink lots of water but your body does not understand how to use it, or you don’t drink enough water – both of these instances create dehydration in the body. Dehydration also indicates a misunderstanding about boundaries. If you take in everything but let nothing go, that is a boundary issue. If you put up a wall and let nothing in, that is also a boundary issue.

Note: In the image above, the water formed into a stem of Lily of the Valley flowers. Many cultures (such as during Victorian Era) used flowers to communicate. The meaning of the Lily of the Valley in the language of flowers means “return to happiness”.

Access and Hydration

Tapping Access which includes the Hydration technique helps rebalance the bodymind complex and allows the body to utilize the water it receives. The hydration technique also helps the body resonate with the emotions of joy and harmony

BodyTalk Sessions and Hydration

BodyTalk sessions can further balance the way the body is able to stay hydrated. The body stores emotions and memories. If we have been grieving, then we may not be as likely to resonate with joy and our ability to process water and stay hydrated may be affected. Or if someone has an underlying belief system that diminishes their core value of themselves, then that has the same effect. During a BodyTalk session, a practitioner will highlight the most appropriate way that your body wants to work with hydration, thus helping to bring an overall better sense of well-being and health.


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