Oklahoma Tornadoes May 2013

No words can express how we feel when tragedy strikes. In this time of great need, I felt compelled to offer a session to those who have been impacted by the tornadoes of May 19 and 20, 2013.

This session touches on how these events have touched all of our lives. Whether you live in Oklahoma or not, if you have been impacted by these events or other recent historic events, please feel free to listen in and participate in this session.

In the true nature of BodyTalk, there is some allowance in what will make these sessions specific and personal to you. So as I explain the initial session, I have given examples of how this information may translate specifically to you. As you listen along and tap the session, think on the specifics that are unique to you and that will make it personal and help how this can help you through this time of great need.

Neither time nor the body have a boundary in the impact that tragedy leaves on us. So whether you are coming to this page immediately after the tornadoes or after a lot of time has passed, you will still be able to benefit from the sessions.

After listening, if you have any specific needs that you would like to see addressed as it has to do with the tornadoes, please email me at wow@okBodyTalk.com. We will continue to add to these audio sessions over the next few months, so please check back often for those updates.

I pray blessings and peace over you and those you love,

Kathi Springman

May 28, 2013 Update

If you have been affected by any other type of natural disaster including hurricanes or earthquakes, even fires or floods, then please feel free to listen to these sessions. Even though they are directly addressed to the Oklahomans affected the the May tornadoes, you can substitute the storm in your life as you listen to the audio, making the sessions personal to you.


Tornado Session May 21, 2013


Tornado Pet Session May 23, 2013


Tornado Session May 28, 2013


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