The subconscious mind only understands the word “yes.” It does not understand the word “no.” Words such as “not”, “no” or “never” don’t compute. The reason is because we usually project the very image of what we DON’T want rather than what we DO want. Somewhere along the way, the subconscous mind says, “Oh, that’s what we are supposed to do.” Then it goes about the business of manifesting the very thing we did not want in the first place.


It is interesting to take an inventory of our thoughts. Are they good or bad? Are they positive or negative? Do the words match the picture in your mind? For example, many people wish to quit smoking and create what seems to be a positive thought, “I am a non-smoker.” While this may seem to be positive, it is in fact negative. The reason is that the words “non” and “smoker” together usually coincide with a mental image of cigarettes laying on a table. This brings an emotion of longing rather than satisfaction. Instead, what if the phrase was, “I choose to breathe fresh, clean air.” The picture now changes to match that phrase. The subconscious mind begins to respond and the conscious mind and body begin to line up with both the phrase and the image.


Manifesting what you want in life may be as simple as asking, “If my subconscious mind followed me around and said yes to everything I said or thought, is that what I really want?” If it isn’t, then first get the image in your mind of what you choose to manifest and then create a phrase to match it.

The views expressed in this article are educational in nature and reflect the personal and clinical experiences of the author.

Kathi Springman

Click here for a downloadable version of this article as it was printed in Natural Awakenings OKC April 2015.


The views expressed are educational in nature and reflect the personal and/or clinical experiences of the author.

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