Whoever said that we need to be perfect? The implication is that if we are not perfect, then we will not be accepted. I had a great need to be perfect for many years and created a great deal of turmoil in my life because of it. In my need to be perfect, I took on more than was physically possible for me to do. All that did was add to my burdens and since there was not enough time in the day to get everything done, most things were very late or not done at all. In the vicious cycle in the life of a perfectionist, this added a defensiveness that only created more turmoil. Does this sound familiar to you?

What goes hand in hand with the need to be perfect? Procrastination and feeling stuck in any creative endeavor. Why? Because we want our project to be perfect and if it isn’t then we are afraid that we will be judged or rejected. So we run out of time – mainly because we can’t get start­ed. However, if we can begin to change our beliefs about ourselves and our own core value, then we can approach any project with a realistic expectation to “do the best we can within the time we have been given to do it.”

Through BodyTalk, I rediscovered me. I realized one day that I no longer needed to be perfect. What a relief! BodyTalk helped me work through perfectionism and fears of being judged by others, and it certainly helped me work through my own judgment of myself. Not only that, but it also helped me release feelings of worthlessness and helped me understand a core value of myself that I can appreciate. By working on these things in my own life, it changed the way I perceived others and the way I respond­ed to others, thus it changed the way others responded to me. It changed the relationship I have with myself and the relationships I enjoy with others.

BodyTalk has changed my life and my definition of health. It can change yours.


Kathi Springman


Click here for a downloadable version of this article as it was printed in Natural Awakenings OKC September 2012.

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