"I suffered tremendous ear damage in my left ear a couple of years ago. I could hardly hear or sleep because of the loud ringing I was hearing. Because the damage was within the inner ear and on a cellular level, there was nothing doctors could do. I started working with Kathi at The BodyTalk Center of Oklahoma. More than anything at first, she was able to give me a peace and confidence about my situation, and helped me to be patient, no matter the outcome. With Kathi's sessions and a couple of other techniques with essential oils, I was completely relieved of the pain, loud ringing, and subsequent deafness. In fact, strangely, now my hearing is clearer in my left ear than my right ear. I have benefited from BodyTalk in numerous ways before and since."

~ M., Edmond, OK

"I didn't know what to expect from Body Talk. Kathi is extremely intuitive, and she listens to each and every word you say. Her gift is apparent as she was born to perform Body Talk. She is a warm, caring person and has wisdom beyond anyone I have met on the holistic level. Kathi makes life easier to live."

~ Kathleen Close, OKC, OK

"While in Oklahoma City a few weeks ago, Kathi was kind enough to do a couple of Body Talk sessions for me. After the sessions, I felt really good, but it wasn't till I tried doing a body stretch I have always had difficulty with, that I was actually startled. I was able to stretch to a degree, which has always been impossible for me in the past. As a researcher, this type of absolutely measurable biological response was enough to convince me. I plan to take training myself in this powerful healing modality."

~ Dave G, Ottawa, Canada