BodyTalk is WholeHealthcare

“The body can be addressed in many different ways. One effective approach taken in The BodyTalk System is to understand the functions of the body according to the discoveries of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Bioenergetic Psychology. These systems developed an understanding of the relationships of physical wellbeing and psychological wellbeing.

Considering the whole-story of the body is extremely important to the healing process. By doing this, The BodyTalk System is providing a truly whole-istic approach to the treatment of dis-ease. This understanding, along with the effective BodyTalk techniques is why The BodyTalk System is such an effective Healthcare system.

Ultimately, the bodymind knows best how to heal itself in a holistic way. Any interference by way of treating symptoms is only a compromise, for the real power of healing lies innately within the BodyTalk system.”
(International BodyTalk Association)



is a one-day class designed to give you tools to de-stress, balance the brain and reset the nervous system as well as improve your metabolic processes boosting your immune system and overall physical resiliency for optimizing health. CLICK HERE for more information.



is effective in resynchronizing the body so that stress has less impact on health. Whether you are a health professional or want to learn for yourself and your family, BodyTalk Fundamentals gives you the tools to perform BodyTalk sessions and begin a new healing journey. CLICK HERE for more information.



combine MindBody understanding with whole food Nutrition. Our experts will expand your knowledge of the effects of stress and the causes of toxicity, excess weight gain, and overall loss of vitality. As your knowledge expands, your ability to walk in even better health can become an attainable goal that is much easier to manage than ever before. For more information please call Dr. Dan at 405-757-2079.

Kathi Springman

Click here for a downloadable version of this article as it was printed in Natural Awakenings OKC February 2014.


The views expressed are educational in nature and reflect the personal and/or clinical experiences of the author.

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