Prevention has been the philosophy of healthcare practitioners for thousands of years yet often health practitioners see people only after they become sick.


BodyTalk works seamlessly with other practitioners. In fact, “Other Modalities” is built into the BodyTalk chart for that reason. In one case, a woman came in complaining of painful joints and attention issues. During session, we highlighted an awareness of over 80 toxins in the brain and via the session, asked the body to begin to slowly release those toxins. After the session, “other modalities” were to continue receiving ionic foot baths that she had been doing. The person who did her foot baths noticed an immediate difference. Her BodyTalk sessions continued and over the course of a few short months, she noticed that both her joints and her attention issues were better.
BodyTalk sessions can also be used to help people going through surgery. Utilizing advanced BodyTalk techniques, surgery sessions can help the body not only prepare for surgery and but also set up the dynamics for a speedier recovery.


BodyTalk effortlessly blends eastern philosophies of acupuncture, Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine together with western anatomy and physiology into a dynamic system to help address a client’s needs. Often clients come in when they have specific issues that they are dealing with and continue with sessions in order to lessen the likelihood of future health problems. This is affectionately called the “because life happens” approach. Life’s stresses affect our health and receiving sessions help the body deal with those stresses so they are less likely to create future health problems. “We are sick today because we did not finish it yesterday. Find it. Fix it. Forget it.”

Kathi Springman

Click here for a downloadable version of this article as it was printed in Natural Awakenings OKC October 2015.


The views expressed are educational in nature and reflect the personal and/or clinical experiences of the author.

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