WOW Member – (Apr 2015)


As we move fully into Spring, we see that time marches on. We see the continual renewing of life and the resilient persistence of nature. In storms (weather and personal), we feel the chaotic winds and when they have blown over, we restore order to our lives. Sometimes, we cannot relate or connect to the time of NOW, we can only relate to what has been or to what we wish would come. This month is about becoming UN-stuck in the past or the future. It is about moving forward from where we are in our lives and fully embracing the time of NOW.

Regardless of whether you perceive that now is a good time or a bad time, it is always the best time because where you are now marches us and moves us continually forward to where we want to be.

Bless the NOW!

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– The BodyTalk Center of Oklahoma Team

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April 30, 2015


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