WOW Member – Lifetime (Apr 2013)

Remember to enjoy life!

As we usher in April, we remember the winter behind us and the spring ahead of us. The tradition of practical jokes on April Fool’s Day is about having good-natured fun and enjoying life. May you have many opportunities for enjoying yourself this spring.

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– The BodyTalk Center of Oklahoma Team

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April 25, 2013

This week we have a bonus session. There is a combined session for Relationships, Wealth and Learning & Memory. Then the “regular” sessions are in addition to that. Each addendum is specific for that portion of the group.

General & Health 04-25-13

Relationships, Wealth, Learning 04-25-13

Relationships addendum 04-25-13

Wealth addendum 04-25-13

Learning and Memory addendum 04-25-13

Children 04-25-13

Pets and Animals 04-25-13


April 18, 2013

Health 04-18-13

Relationships 04-18-13

Wealth 04-18-13

Learning and Memory 04-18-13

Children 04-18-13

Pets and Animals 04-18-13


April 11, 2013

This week we detour from our normal set of sessions. Several of the sessions are combined so we are listing the sessions as they occur. Please note that the Relationship and Children’s are combined two different times.

General 04-11-13

Health 04-11-13

Relationships and Children 04-11-13

Relationships, Children and Wealth 04-11-13

Learning and Memory 04-11-13

Pets and Animals 04-04-13


April 4, 2013

Please note that the Relationship session and the Children’s session are the same this week.

Health 04-04-13

Relationships 04-04-13

Wealth 04-04-13

Learning and Memory 04-04-13

Children 04-04-13

Pets and Animals 04-04-13