WOW Member – Lifetime (Feb 2013)

Happy February!

As we move into the month dedicated to relationships, spend some time over the next few weeks to focus on the relationship that you have with yourself. The relationship we have with ourselves and how we value ourselves impacts and flavors the way we relate to everything in our lives (people, pets, money, food, etc). I encourage you to look deep within and know and accept your core innate value. Give yourself permission to give and receive love. At the BodyTalk Center of Oklahoma, we define love as accepting yourself exactly the way you are without question, without reservation, without judgment. When you can do this, it is easier to love others in the same way and to allow them to love you.

After you listen to the sessions each week and tap them in, take time in the days that follow to “notice what you notice.” Are you beginning to see the way that situations and relationships shift and change throughout the week or month?

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– The BodyTalk Center of Oklahoma Team

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February 28, 2013

Health 02-28-13

Relationships 02-28-13

Wealth 02-28-13

Learning and Memory 02-28-13

Children 02-28-13

Pets and Animals 02-28-13


February 21, 2013

Please note that the Children’s session is included in the Health session this week.

Health 02-21-13

Relationships 02-21-13

Wealth 02-21-13

Learning and Memory 02-21-13

Children 02-21-13

Pets and Animals 02-21-13


February 14, 2013

Health 02-14-13

Relationships 02-14-13

Wealth 02-14-13

Learning and Memory 02-14-13

Children 02-14-13

Pets and Animals 02-14-13


February 7, 2013

Recommended reading for this week’s session: Who Switched Off My Brain by Caroline Leaf and The Happiness Genes by James Baird.
Please note that the Children’s session is included in the Health session this week.

Health 02-07-13

Relationships 02-07-13

Wealth 02-07-13

Learning and Memory 02-07-13

Children 02-07-13

Pets and Animals 02-07-13