WOW Member – (Oct 2013)

Letting Go

It is the time of the year when nature shows us the beauty of letting go. As the trees release their leaves, they are beginning to pull inward and prepare for winter’s growth at a deep root level. When spring comes again, new leaves fill those spots where the others had been released. This is a special time in the year that affords us a natural and instinctive ability to let go of anything which no longer serves our best interests: negative emotions, limiting belief systems, old habit patterns. In the letting go process, may you find much joy.

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– The BodyTalk Center of Oklahoma Team

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October 31, 2013

Health 10-31-13

Relationships 10-31-13

Wealth 10-31-13

Learning and Memory 10-31-13

Children (and the Child Within) 10-31-13

Pets and Animals (including owners and caregivers) 10-31-13


October 23, 2013

Health 10-23-13

Relationships 10-23-13

Wealth 10-23-13

Learning and Memory 10-23-13

Children (and the Child Within) 10-23-13

Pets and Animals (including owners and caregivers) 10-23-13


October 17, 2013

Health 10-17-13

Relationships 10-17-13

Wealth 10-17-13

Learning and Memory 10-17-13

Children (and the Child Within) 10-17-13

Pets and Animals (including owners and caregivers) 10-17-13


October 10, 2013

Health 10-10-13

Relationships 10-10-13

Wealth 10-10-13

Learning and Memory 10-10-13

Children (and the Child Within) 10-10-13

Pets and Animals (including owners and caregivers) 10-10-13


October 3, 2013

Health 10-03-13

Relationships & Learning and Memory 10-03-13

Wealth 10-03-13

Children (and the Child Within) 10-03-13

Pets and Animals (including owners and caregivers) 10-03-13