WOW Member – (Oct 2014)

Seasons of Change

Here it is October and we are fully into the fall season. It is interesting that for many people, October (like a gentle wind) is a time of cleansing and renewing. It is a time of looking toward the coming of a new year, a new season. Many often find that they are revitalized by the coming of brisk weather and the understanding of the theme of the year. Quite a few people I know come to a realization of the theme of their upcoming annual season of personal growth during the month of October. If you take a moment to ponder, you may find that there is a particular theme to each year of your own personal growth. What kinds of themes have been your focus over the past years? If you look at the patterns, do you find that it begins in any particular month? Celebrate that time as it is a time of great blessing for you!

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– The BodyTalk Center of Oklahoma Team

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October 30, 2014


October 23, 2014


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October 2, 2014